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Wellbeing Week at SMG

This week at SMG is #wellbeingweek! Our mission is to support our colleagues to find their own balance. Wellbeing Week gives everybody the chance to take the time to reflect on all of the tips and tools we provide and see what works best for them. Throughout the week we align our tips, tools, and activities to the 5 steps pictured.

The below outlines what's going on this week across the business!

⭐Resilience Training

⭐Financial Wellbeing

⭐Yoga Session

⭐HIIT Class

⭐SMG Recipe Swaps

⭐Positive Affirmations & Buddies

⭐Wellbeing Pledges

⭐Personal Wellbeing Toolkits

⭐Do One Thing Calendar & Checklist to keep us on track!


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