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Wellbeing Week!

We recently had an internal Wellbeing Week and we wanted to share with you some of the things we got up to across the week at SMG, Lobster, {Capture} and Threefold-Agency.

⭐️ Ended each day with a 15 minute guided meditation via Headspace

⭐️ Encouraged our team to "read more, scroll less" with these book suggestions - Bring Your Human to Work by Erica Keswin, Surrounded by Idiots by Thomas Erikson, Atomic Habits by James Clear and Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

⭐️ Kick-started our Tuesday morning with a Zumba class led by Chloe at Elite Evolution

⭐️ Explored the art of goal setting on Wednesday with Lara Waycot and her session on "Meaningful Goals Made Achievable"

⭐️ Hosted Valentine's themed socials across each of our offices with "Love Potion" cocktails and DIY chocolate-covered strawberries stations

⭐️ Enjoyed some tasty treats and healthy breakfasts with the addition of Coconut water kindly gifted by Vita Coco

Across the week we encouraged our team to focus on their wellbeing and we hope our team will continue to implement some wellness into each day.


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