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We’re delighted to announce that Shopper Media Group has become part of the Next 15 group

Through their network of over 20 agencies across global markets, Next 15 specialise in many marketing, technology, and research disciplines.

CEO, Sam Knights, says “SMG has been leading the way in connected commerce marketing for the past 12 years, building data-driven tools for brands and retailers to unlock real value at the point of consideration and purchase. We are very excited about all the opportunities that becoming part of the Next 15 family will bring, not least allowing us to further develop our service for our current clients whilst expanding SMG’s successful model globally.”

“Shopper Media Group has developed an innovative set of predictive, data-driven tools that enable customers to optimize their spend to drive the strongest levels of growth. We are very excited to have them as a part of the family” says Next 15 CEO, Tim Dyson.


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