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Talking Shop, the Replay: Assessing the Size of the Retail Media Prize

Last week, we held our second webinar in the quarterly series “Talking Shop” - a free, easy-to-digest webinar series that shines a light on the best in the industry and their stories so far.

Our CSO, Katie Streeter Hurle, explored the dynamic growth of retail media, highlighting both opportunities and challenges for brands. She discussed leveraging first-party data, the benefits of upper funnel marketing, and the impact of emerging trends and technologies. Katie emphasized that collaboration among stakeholders is crucial for success, urging brands to adapt and innovate in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Katie was then joined by a panel of special guests, discussing different perspectives on the oppourtunites and challenges for brands to enable the utlimate success within retail media: 

  • Helen Onions, Shopper Execution Lead, Kenvue

  • Michele Dainty, Head of Shopper Marketing UK&I, pladis Global

  • Thomas Joyce-Brown, Head of Trade Marketing Europe, Accolade Wines

  • Marcus Ingleby, Strategy & Creative Director, SMG

Watch the full replay below.


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