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SMG appoints P&G's Helen Johnson as Group Director

Meet Helen, our new Group Director leading Media, Planning, Creative and Insight.

Can you tell us a little more about your previous role at P&G? I was Senior Brand Director for UK Commerce Marketing, responsible for demand creation on and offline across P&G's 10 FMCG categories in Grocery, Highstreet and Discount channels. I was there for 17 years, joining as a Brand Management intern in P&G Frankfurt. Across that time, I worked across 11 different countries and 17 brands in Brand and Commercial Management notably being the Brand Director for P&G Haircare, Colour and Style Brands across Northern Europe and Senior Brand Director for Global Tesco. And what is your remit now you've joined us at SMG? I lead our central group function encompassing the expert functions of Media, Planning, Creative and Insight. Our role is two fold: firstly, we deliver superior connected commerce solutions for our supplier and brand partners today which in turn drives more effective marketing and incremental ROI. Secondly, we drive constructive disruption across the industry, innovating the future of commerce marketing for tomorrow. What are you most looking forward to?

I look forward to bringing my P&G experience understanding what brands really want from retailers and media agencies to drive more effective commerce marketing. From an organisational point of view, I will also re-apply learnings from working in a bigger company on how we evolve activity systems and talent management as the company further grows.

Above all, I'm excited to have joined SMG at this inflection point, as the company grows at an accelerated pace due to its superior knowledge and capabilities in the booming Retail Media Network arena.


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