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We're cutting the crab, Lobster & Plan-Apps unite

Plan-Apps and Lobster agency unite

You heard it right, we're cutting the crab!

6 years ago Lobster began partnering with FMCG brands to harness the power of commerce marketing. Their passion to help brands drive campaign performance, and an increased return on their media investment, sat at the heart of what they did - always.

To measure performance you need data. Which is why Plan-Apps was formed. The operating system for commerce marketing built by commerce marketers for commerce marketers.

With over 4,000 users, £1.25B media spend evaluated & over £136M of media booked and planned it’s fair to say Plan-Apps has officially become bigger than the shellfish itself.

We're therefore thrilled announce we've officially cut the crab, retiring the Lobster agency brand, and today we move forward as Plan-Apps.

If you’re ready to plan your commerce marketing smarter, learn faster and measure results more consistently and reliably than ever have before. Come say hi back. We’d love a friendly chat to see how we can help

Team Plan-Apps x


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