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Our Charity Partner!

The Trussell Trust has been SMG's charity partner for many years, supporting our CSR mission to 'Help Stop UK Hunger'. To date, much of our support has been given through various fundraising initiatives and voluntary work at local food banks. However, this week, members of the SMG CSR working group strengthened our support by delivering a social media training seminar to social media leads at several Manchester Food Banks who all want to improve their social media strategy. By using our agency expertise, we were able to support the Trussell Trust to better understand how they can use their social media platforms to generate more awareness for their cause.

The session was recorded and will be shared with a further 12 food banks this week. We're hoping this is the first in a series of useful training seminars that we can deliver to the Trussell Trust.

A big thankyou to Rob McGlynn of crossover communications, Capture's social media partner, for helping to facilitate the session, as well as Jess Merulla and Daniel Smith of SMGs {Capture} and Threefold-Agency agencies. Also thank you to Joanna Hill , Area Manager for the Greater Manchester network of foodbanks, for arranging the session.


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