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Next 15 Brand Spotlight

SMG is a network of specialist commerce marketing agencies.

“SMG is founded on an unshakable desire for growth. We believe that the best way for brands to grow is to connect with people at the point of consideration and buying. Conversely, for retailers and commerce platforms, enabling that connection creates happier customers, better performance, and brilliant business results. We believe that enabling this connection can achieve transformative results.

With over a decade of commerce marketing experience, SMG is now a group of three specialist agencies - Capture, Threefold and Lobster - with an unrivalled client list, market-leading technology and a nationwide footprint.

We were recently ranked #16 in the UK's best agency to work for in the UK for the Marketing & Media sector, and we won the Lloyds Mid-Market Business of the Year Award in 2018. We’re proud to work with some of the UK’s biggest brands and retailers including Adidas, Dyson, Samsung, Mondelez, General Mills, McCain, Microsoft, Hasbro, Pepsico,, Co-op and many more.”


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