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It's Wellbeing Week at SMG...

This week is Wellbeing Week here at SMG! Wellbeing week allows all of our employees to invest in their personal wellbeing, helping them find a balance that's right for them.

We encourage our employees to think about how they can best use this time and make the most of the activities & tools available. Throughout this week we'll be sharing tips, tools, and activities to help them focus on their wellbeing. Take a look at what we have planned for this week:

  • A 5-day fitness challenge.

  • Make Lunch Count challenge, where we encourage employees to get active every day, for every day they're active a donation is made to our charity partner, The Trussell Trust.

  • We'll be talking about virtual meeting fatigue.

  • Financial wellbeing.

  • Recognising signs of stress.

  • Launching personal wellbeing toolkits.

Not only that, we've got external exercise classes going on throughout the week. We will also be hearing from our colleagues who have written blog posts on how they look after their wellbeing and have also taken the time to vlog about how they manage stress.


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