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Everything you need to know about the power behind Retail Media Summit UK

The Retail Media Summit UK is fast approaching! This first-of-its-kind event is made possible by the magnitude of support we have received from our world-class sponsors.

Retail Media Summit UK sets out to answer some of the biggest challenges facing the retail media landscape today, and it’s a UK-first, so we intend to bring a fresh perspective informed by our many years of experience in the market.

We’ve got lots of exciting talks to announce, led by experts in the retail media arena, and we don’t want you to miss out. Here’s the full lowdown on our sponsors:

A graphic showing sponsors for Retail Media Summit UK: Stratacache, Firework, LiveRamp, Skai, Advertima and Clinch.
Meet the Retail Media Summit UK sponsors.


Our first official sponsor is no stranger to the world of retail media! Stratacache is a leading provider of innovative digital signage, in-store customer engagement and marketing technology solutions. Their expertise in enhancing the in-store experience aligns with our mission to revolutionise retail media.


Firework are experts in the video commerce space, capturing consumers' attention online through short-form video content. As a dynamic leader in the world of shoppable videos, they are an integral part of the retail media landscape.


LiveRamp is the leading data connectivity platform that empowers businesses to securely and efficiently leverage data to make informed decisions and build meaningful customer connections. Trusted by top global brands, their expertise in data connectivity will offer attendees valuable insights into the dynamic world of retail media.


Powered by AI, Skai seamlessly blends data connectivity and artificial intelligence to create a truly omnichannel experience for brands, from intelligence to measurement. They are the only full go-to-market engine enabling businesses to create customer connections through actionable insights and smarter decision making.


Advertima is transforming the retail media space using 3D computer vision and machine learning capabilities to enhance the in-store shopper experience. Their goal of optimising media touchpoints across the store compliments our goal of keeping shoppers engaged across the path to purchase.


Our penultimate sponsor, Clinch, is a digital powerhouse in the world of retail media and commerce marketing with their innovative technology solutions. They specialise in creating data-driven customer experiences that enable personalisation everywhere.


Vibenomics is North America's leading provider of in-store audio solutions, with an innovative platform that is transforming the in-store experience for both retailers and advertisers, and ultimately, enhancing shoppers' retail experience. Through display, audio and experiential channels, Vibenomics enables brands to connect with shoppers in a whole new way.

We wanted to say a massive thank you to our sponsors who have helped us bring this idea to life and we can’t wait to see you all in person on the 11th of October. There’s still time to register so don’t miss out:


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