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Asda launches LS Eleven Media Services in partnership with SMG

London: May 01, 2024

Asda has today announced the creation of LS Eleven Media Services – a fully integrated media services business unit within Asda’s customer function.

The new unit was introduced to key suppliers following the appointment of SMG as its new

Retail Media Network (RMN) partner in January.

Formerly known as Asda Media Partnerships (AMP), LS Eleven Media Services, named

after the postcode of Asda’s Home Office in Leeds, where the unit is based, will offer best-in- class retail media capability as part of the new partnership with SMG.

Building upon the media offering that AMP developed over the past decade, LS Eleven

Media Services will harness data and technology to drive more relevant, customer centric

media planning for brands, and a more connected omni-channel experience for Asda

customers as part of the retailer’s strategy for growth.

SMG’s proprietary software product Plan-Apps - where £1.2M of media spend is already

planned every day – will be embedded into Asda’s technology stack enabling smooth end-to-end planning, management, and measurement cycle for brand campaigns.

Using Asda’s rich customer first-party data, fuelled by Asda’s fast growing digital loyalty

programme Asda Rewards, SMG will create targeted, customer centric, creative

omnichannel campaigns helping brands reach the right audience through the right

touchpoints whether that be in store, online, or through TV, social and other digital channels.

Matt McLellan, Vice President - Customer, Asda, said:

"We are proud of what we have achieved in Asda Media Partnerships over the last decade,

but our partnership with SMG and the launch of LS Eleven Media Services is a step-change

in our media offering for our brand partners. Asda has a clear strategy for growth and the

combination of our growing proposition across large stores, convenience and food

partnerships, alongside our leading Rewards programme, offers us an incredibly exciting

opportunity to work with brands to deliver even more relevant campaigns for our customers”

Sam Knights, CEO at SMG, said: 

"The launch of LS Eleven Media Services comes at an exciting time in our journey with

Asda. Asda’s strong brand partnerships and loyal customer base offers us the opportunity to develop a sophisticated, innovative retail media network at scale. Using Asda’s rich first

party data and our innovative Plan-Apps technology, brands will be able to connect with

customers across every stage of the customer journey in a way that always puts the

customer first.”


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