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5 minutes with Robbie, a Client Executive at Capture

When did you Join SMG?

August 2019, after my debut at the Summer Party the month before.

Describe your role in a nutshell?

I work on the general mills account across a few of their brands. Within the client team we plan, manage and execute media directly with the media owners through the capture complete ways of working. We strategically plan campaigns for the brands, which type of media in which retailers, which creative messaging using the brands toolkits, and translating the above into creative to make it more shopper focused in order to capture customers at the point of purchase.

What do you enjoy most about working at SMG?

The responsibility put on my shoulders to build relationships with clients and media owners, which I find very rewarding. When we were in the office it was one of the most fun parts, as I was able to be around people that I have good relationships with and because I am in a client facing role, I often have to speak to people across the team.

What aspects of your role keep you challenged and curious?

Getting the balance right between being the point of contact for your clients and also the media owners. Working as the main point of contact can be challenging, you have to come up with solutions quickly rather than dwelling on issues whilst trying to keep all parties happy. What keeps me curious is the growth of shopper media and how it can develop.

Which SMG value would you say is your favourite and why?

Stay Foolish, I'm always willing to try something new and get stuck in on a new project and build on my skills along the way.

What piece of advice would you give to someone starting SMG?

Get stuck into everything, I was made to do the things I didn't initially feel comfortable in doing at first, such as leading a client call. Looking back, those are the times I learnt the most, not saying no and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone as that is how you will learn and progress.

How have things changed over the last year?

Not being able to see my colleagues in person and adapting to working at home has been tough but as a result I have found myself being more productive. A big selling point of SMG is the culture and it's made me appreciate the in person social aspect of work more. However, being able to choose to work in the office or work from home will be a great benefit.


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