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5 minutes with Lara, a Senior Planning Manager at SMG

When did you join SMG?

June 2016

Describe your role in a nutshell...

The Planning Team is a central resource function helping to create campaign proposals for supplier brands across all three of our agencies. That means one day I could be working on a new product launch for Samsung and the next I could be figuring out how to sell more kids yoghurt in Tesco! As a planner, my role is to leverage insights about how people shop in order to create effective communication and media strategies. I'm also a 'cheerleader' - working with our client and creative teams to help bring these strategies to life for our clients!

Tell us what you enjoy most about working here?

I love that I get to flex both my logical and creative brain in my role, helping to build some exciting campaign ideas whilst also diving into the data to understand what makes shoppers tick. I also really enjoy agency life - it's collaborative and I get to work with a huge range of big brands. We've got a fantastic in-house training programme called SMG University which has massively helped to grow my career here from starting as a grad. Plus, free breakfast and 4pm Friday finishes definitely sweetens the deal..!

What aspects of your role keep you challenged and curious?

No two days are the same and I'm always juggling lots of different projects. Working across all three agencies means I have exposure to, and can contribute towards, so much of what we do at SMG.

Which of the four SMG values resonates most with you and why?

Have Fun - I love that, whilst we work hard, we don't take ourselves too seriously. Also, it's not an official value but 'Win as a team, lose as a team' is written on the wall in our office - when I saw that as a grad I knew I'd chosen the right place.

What is the most useful piece of advice you've received since joining SMG?

A career is a marathon, not a sprint - be patient with yourself and allow yourself time to become a true specialist in what you do!


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