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5 minutes with David, a Group Finance Director at SMG

When did you Join SMG?

August 2011.

Describe your role in a nutshell?

It’s my job to ensure everybody in the business has the right financial information in order to make the best business decisions and to ensure that the company doesn’t run out of money.

What do you enjoy most about working at SMG?

The thing I enjoy the most about working at SMG is that we’re given the freedom and opportunity to make a difference. People have the opportunity to take ownership of projects that help shape the business, which don’t always necessarily fall within your traditional job remit.

What aspects of your role keep you challenged and curious?

I have to stay aware of lots of different things that are going on at the same time. So I’d say something that challenges me is keeping my fingers constantly on the pulse of the commercials and processes within all areas of the business.

Which SMG value would you say is your favourite and why?

Stay Honest - within my role in the business, not only is detail and accuracy paramount but it’s also important to give people the true picture even if it’s a difficult message to give.

What piece of advice would you give to someone starting SMG?

When you throw yourself in the deep end you’ll often find yourself around those more experienced than you, you may feel out of your depth, and there will be times that you inevitably make mistakes, however, you will grow from them, you’ll get smarter and more often than you expect you’ll exceed your own expectations.


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