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5 minutes with Antonia, a Client Executive at Threefold

What first attracted you to SMG?

I've always wanted to get into retail marketing and work directly with brands, and I had spotted SMG a couple of times. When I noticed that SMG were hiring for what was essentially my "perfect role" I jumped at the chance. The more I read about SMG and what they can do for brands, the more intrigued I became - and it just so happened that the stars aligned and I got the chance to be involved!

What's your favourite thing about SMG so far?

Without a doubt the culture! The way the business values its people, everyone is amazing and looks out for each other and it's a lovely welcoming environment.

How would you describe the culture of SMG as a new starter?

There's a real culture of progression and wanting to support people on their journey here, not only in terms of career development but also in terms of really caring about each other. Initiatives like 'Wellbeing Wednesday' are a great reminder of the support network that's available and some of the ways the company looks after their staff.

Which SMG value would you say is your favourite and why?

"Stay Hungry" because it's inspiring, motivational and it really encourages that entrepreneurial spirit which is so important to succeed.

Describe your role in a nutshell.

Supporting on and implementing amazing campaigns, working alongside incredible brands sampling through Deliveroo.

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