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5 minutes with Aadil, an Accounts Payable Assistant at SMG

What first attracted you to SMG?

I'd say the culture - when I applied for the job, I did some research into reviews of the company and what SMG is all about, and it just looked great! The values really stuck with me as well, and I felt like I could definitely fit in well here.

What's your favourite thing about SMG so far?

The people - everyone is so friendly, no matter how senior someone is I've always felt comfortable and able to reach out to anyone across the business, which is great.

How would you describe the culture of SMG as a new starter?

The culture is amazing, everyone is really welcoming - initially I found the prospect of joining a company and onboarding virtually quite daunting, but once I was introduced to everyone I felt instantly welcome and I feel as if I've met everyone already.

Which SMG value would you say is your favourite and why?

"Stay Hungry" - because it's not only motivating, but because you know you'll be recognised for the work that you do. Since I started 2 months ago, I've received consistent feedback and even got a shout-out in the All Group Meeting.

Describe your role in a nutshell

Communication is key in my role as I need to speak with suppliers, consult with my colleagues and ensure that all of the finance information is accurate.


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